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Nut Wizard® Tool Repairs

  • 1 min read
Because of its wire mechanisms, the Nut Wizard® may need some occasional repairs due to use, travel, or storage. Fortunately, most issues can be repaired or parts replaced, if necessary. 

For information about how to use the Nut Wizard®, refer to our Quick-Start Guide

Broken Wires

After heavy use or during travel, the wires may become unevenly spaced, allowing items to fall out of the basket. To fix this, use your fingers to move the wires beside the washer on each side of the basket. If a wire is broke, remove it from the basket completely and respace the wires. The wire itself is irreplaceable, but your tool should still work properly after the other wires are readjusted. 


 Difficulty Rolling

If the basket does not roll well after a time, or if it squeaks, remove it from the bail and apply thick grease inside the bolts on each side of the basket. 


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