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Based on 272 reviews
Large Nut Wizard
Trisha (Houston, US)
Great Gumball Gatherer

Works great gathering gumballs. EZ to empty!

Mini Brass Mower
Good for brass

Not 100%,but gets most my brass and makes the rest easy to find. Only used it 1 time, might get better.

Large Nut Wizard
Bradley Hutchison (Katy, US)
Sorry, not impressed

I purchased to pick up sweet gum burrs. It has problems picking them up and then they fall out on every rotation.

To be fair, I haven’t tried to return it or even contacted the seller.

Basket Replacement for Nut Wizard
Roger Longo (Merced, US)
Back saver

I had one for several years and really enjoyed this producy it really saves your back. Don't have to bend over picking up brass casing. The issue i had with my first one is it is very delicate i drop it on a hard surface . I had it up right and it fell over and separated the wires open it about 3/4 of a inch hadn't been able to get back to regional spacing. So order a new basket only haven't had a chance to use it yet. But the nut wizard is a outstanding product it really saves your back I'm 73 yrs old and very happy for this product.

Mini Brass Mower
Redturkey05 (Detroit, US)
Perfect tool to pickup pistol brass while saving your back

I bought the Mini-Brass Mower (Wizard) for the expressed purpose of cleaning up our club's pistol and CQC Ranges. I clean & reload supporting my son's (LEA & U.S. Army NG). Used the Mini-Brass Mower and within less than 60 minutes had about 20-pounds of 380, 9mm, 357, 40 and 45ACP. Perfecting my techniques developed using the Small Nut Wizard which is great for pistol, 223, 308, 450BM, 30-30, etc. Well made and worth the cost although a coupon would be icing on the cake. Perhaps a Military Veteran discount? Don't delay, these products speed up the process of leaving a cleaner range and saves your back while enjoying the great outdoors.

Small Nut Wizard
MARSHA JADD (Woodstock, US)
Awaiting Return Label

I am awaiting my return label from Charlotte. Have you sent?

Marsha Jadd

Large Nut Wizard
GERALD L MASSA (Staten Island, US)


Large Nut Wizard
Dale Foradori (North Royalton, US)
Great Tool Sweet Gum Tree Balls

I have hundreds of these balls to collect and the Nut Wizard tool works great. A real time-saver and back-saver. Highly recommend this tool

Mini Nut Wizard
Edward Hiner
Absolutely awesome tool

I live in Texas where live oak acorns are everywhere. I’ve tried the copies of this tool and they would not pick up the smaller acorns. This tool nails it, nothing else on the market like it and it has saved my back! The lady that took my order was so helpful and kind and again if more people with live oaks knew of this product they couldn’t keep them. I never review things but trust me this was worth it!!! Outstanding product!

Extra Small Brass Mower
Kevin Holland (Billings, US)
brass picker

This products works perfectly for picking brass 9mm and up. This is my second purchase, I wore out the first one after after picking over 2000# of brass. Works way better than those sold by some shooting sports companies.

Extra Small Nut Wizard
Mike Montez (Goodyear, US)
Good quality

Picks up brass cartridges good, but doesn’t hold them well, brass must be too heavy,
It’s designed to pick up nuts duh!

Extra Small Nut Wizard
Redturkey05 (Detroit, US)
Best Product for picking up Range Brass

The extra-small nut wizard saves your back while cleaning up the range of rifle and pistol brass. The attachment which mounts to your 5-gal bucket helps speed up the process of empting the wizard. Took me a few moments to develop the technique which was showcased within the demo film. I intend to buy the Mini-Nut Wizard next. Only wish is that they would consider poviding a Military Retiree discount. Always like to leave the range cleaner than I found it; good practice and the wizard certainly helps. Well Built and if you follow the instructions by NOT Pressing down hard, it will last a long time.

Medium Nut Wizard

works better than expected

Mini Brass Mower
Tanner Larsen (Pasco, US)
I don't know

It works ok not great on 22lr brass but it'll dump all the brass from the wheel if you pick up a bigger casing.

Handle Replacements for Nut Wizard
Jon Plafcan (St Louis, US)
Excellent customer service!

Charlotte is the bomb!

Extra Small Brass Mower
Douglas Hoffman (Phoenix, US)
finally, one that works

I have used many of these. Most don't work very well. This one does. I have bought two.

Large Nut Wizard
MH (Arlington, US)
Quality item - thank you

Snapped together easily but feels sturdy and gets the job done.

Mini Brass Mower
Terence Tobin (Reading, US)
Best invention

Best invention I have ever seen, save your back, easy to use, I have a wooden handle. I think it should be screwed on or bolted.

Large Nut Wizard
Robert C Gray (Hamilton, CA)

Totally Awesome !!!….worth the price !

Works great!!

This makes emptying the basket so much easier and quicker.

Large Nut Wizard
James Frazier (Laurel, US)
Wroks as advertised

Works for walnuts, apples, etc.

If you have the nut wizard, you really need this to make it work as intended, especially if you have a bad back, like me. I lost my original and ordered more. Great, reasonable price on these.

Large Nut Wizard
Sheila (Davenport, US)
Large nut wizzard

I usually don’t write review. But the large nut wizzard is a game changer for us. No more bending down to pick apple one by one anymore. High quality US made product with good design. Reasonably priced when compared to those cheaply made overseas.

Large Nut Wizard
Loren G (Prospect, US)
Best tool ever

We already owned one large nut wizard and the trees just really produced this year so another nut wizard was needed so that both of us could pick them up off the ground. We have informed many people about this amazing tool

Medium Nut Wizard
Stephen Ball (Lewisburg, US)

Works as advertised. Incredible!