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Basket Replacement for Nut Wizard

Includes: Bail (Yoke that attaches basket to the handle)

Size: Mini

Baskets are the metal wired part of the Nut Wizard® that picks up the nuts and stores them until unloaded. 

Note if you have a Blue Handle.  If your blue handle has a cap with a pin through the handle, that attaches the cap to the handle, these basket replacements will not work because of a change in the size of the screw on the bail.  You'll need to order a whole new Nut Wizard.

Baskets do not need to be purchased separately.  One comes with each tool purchase.

You only need to purchase this if your basket is worn out or something unusual happened to it  (for example it was run over by a lawn mower).

Each replacement basket also comes with a replacement bail (the supporting bracket that attaches it the handle).

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gary S (Rochester, US)
So glad I purchased the small size basket!

Works perfectly for red oak acorns. Have been using the extra small size basket for years now which has been working just fine but the small size works even better!!

John Pokrefke (St Louis, US)
Not Used Yet

I am still using my old Nut Wizard which still works all right. Some of the wires are bent and stretched. I have had several Nut Wizards and they are a wonderful tool for picking up gum balls.

Chuck Williams (Springfield, US)
Great Item!

The Nut Wizard is phenomenal. It does everything as advertised. In addition, the customer service was outstanding.

Ron Hansen (Osceola, US)
Works great!

Forgot how well the Nut Wizard works when new. Have two of them and they had flattened to the shape of a football over the years and took a lot more effort to pickup walnuts. New replacement basket works very easily.

Carl Belken (Mokane, US)
I love it!!!

I accidentally ruined my first nut wizard. It would only hold 4 or 5 nuts without leaking.
The replacement cage works like a breeze! It included more parrs than I was expecting.
With the new cage I lerned what a valuable tool the nut wizard is! It makes picking up walnuts a MUCH EASIER JOB!!!