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Extra Small Nut Wizard

Includes: Unloader

Handle: 4' Wood


For objects sized: ⅜” to 2” in diameter 1 to 5cm

Recommended for very small acorns (pin, chinquapin, post, live, scarlet, and shingle oak), beechnuts, and brass casings (9mm and up, including .38 SPL, .357 MAGNUM, .45 cal, 30-06, and Shotgun Shells)

Basket Size: 1½ quarts 5” in diameter 6” wide

Made in the United States

Includes the complete tool with handle of choice and one unloader. 

Watch a video of how to use and operate this Nut Wizard® tool here

Works With

Nut Wizard Size Guide

Not Sure What Size to Get?

Feel free to give us a call at 888-321-9445 and we'll help you figure what type of trees you have and which size Nut Wizard is right for you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Brian Anschultz (Houston, US)
acorn getter

purchased the extra small nut wizard to pick up small acorns and it did not disappoint . quick turn around after ordering. good company and a good product. Have already ordered the small for a little bigger acorn and once again it did not disappoint. Now the wife wants her one of each. If she will help me pick up acorns for the deer i will get her own nut wizard. Thanks Nut Wizard

Charles D Beam (Atlanta, US)
Works… but be advised

This thing works. I was able to get 3 five gallon buckets of acorns out and away from under 1 of my 3 of my trees. It picked up very few sticks or extraneous things from the yard other than the acorn nuts and their tops. It even worked within the leaves and the thicker cut grass areas. There's still more to get out of my yard though, because I have 2 more nut-dropping trees. Here's the deal... it takes work to make the Wizard work. It’s easy to use but not easy (wear gloves!!). Maybe if the cage were 2 to 3x the width of what I was using, that might have cut the time and sweat equity invested, but it may be difficult to empty if it were bigger. Dunno... (keep me posted for future offerings). Don't get me wrong, because I liked the NUT WIZARD and will continue to use what I purchased. As I said, it does work and well, but be advised that it takes commitment.

Travis Henderson (Chester, US)
Best thing since sliced bread!

The one I ordered is a Birthday gift for a friend. However, I have had my own for a few years now. As a shooter and reloader, I find the Brass Mower an invaluable tool for collecting brass. Makes cleanup a breeze and saves your back.

Audrey (Dayton, US)
Performance on uneven ground

We are still satisfied we purchased the extra small nut wizard, however, on very uneven ground, with low spots, it doesn’t pick up the acorns as well. Many of the acorns tend to stick in the little low spots so we still have to rake them out

Anne Geiger (Pandora, US)

Works perfectly for my acorns!