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Handle Replacements for Nut Wizard

Material: Natural Wooden replacement or additional handle 1" diameter approx. 47" long


If you are purchasing an entire tool, a handle comes with it.  Handles do not need to be purchased separately.  

Wooden handles are made of wood composites and are approximately 47" in length.  The natural wood handle is made for the large size and is 1" in diameter.  The painted blue wood handle is made for the extra large, medium, small, extra small, and mini sizes and is 3/4" in diameter.  If your blue handle is a 2011 or older model, order a bail also.

Metal alloy handles lock in any position between collapsed and extended lengths and are made for left- or right-handed users (locks by twisting in either direction).  The 4' handle shrinks to 31" and extends to 4'.  The 6' handle shrinks to 39" and extends to 6'. Extension handles are recommended for easy storage and portability on the range.

The 6' extension handle and the wooden handles are Made in the United States

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jon Plafcan (St Louis, US)
Excellent customer service!

Charlotte is the bomb!

Bill (Jefferson City, US)
High quality products

Very high quality and durable nut wizard

Bill Killion (Mountain Home, US)
Handles in a Hurry

Our handles were wearing out quickly and we were in the middle of walnut season. I called nut wizard to find out if they carried replacement handles. Not only did they have the handles but they were very reasonably priced. On top of all that I ordered over the phone and had my new handles in just 3 or 4 days. Perfect timing as our old handles wore out completely the very next day but thanks to the very rapid response and fast shipping we did not miss a single day of nut gathering.

Kim (St Louis, US)

We have had our Nut Wizard for probably 15 years. It has been instrumental in keeping up with our 7 black walnut trees. We were devastated when the cage came off the handle. I was thrilled when I learned that I could just replace the handle. It's a perfect fit and we are back in time to collect all of our black walnuts! Thanks!!!!

Jesse F. (Buffalo, US)
Nut Wizard is Wonderful

The Nut Wizard is a wonderful tool, and having one is simply mandatory for anyone with a Juglandaceae in their yard. It has saved me countless hours of otherwise back breaking labor beneath my beloved black walnut tree. The Nut Wizard's mechanics are of high quality and holding steady after multiple seasons. I recommend the wood handle to withstand those dramatic years where your tree is especially fruitful. The Nut Wizard tool is worth every penny.