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FAQ about How Nut Wizard® Tools Work What They Pick Up and Sizes

How do Nut Wizard® tools work? 

The Nut Wizard® basket is made of strong, flexible wires. When the basket rolls over round or oval objects, the wires spread apart and the object rolls into the basket. The wires then close, keeping the item inside. If the object isn’t round or oval, or if it is thinner than the space between the wires, it may fall out of the basket after it has been picked up (if the item is thinner than the space between the wires, a smaller sized tool could help). If too much pressure is put on the basket, the wires are forced apart constantly, keeping the tool from working properly and potentially causing long-term damage. Nut Wizard® tools work best when there is at least a little space between each object you’re picking up. To unload the basket, push it onto the unloader and twist, spreading apart the wires and allowing the nuts, balls, or casings to fall into the bucket or trash can.

I have a large yard, a huge tree, and lots of nuts. Why can’t I use the large size?

Each size of Nut Wizard® is designed to gather a specific size of object. The wires on the Large Nut Wizard® are farther apart than the wires on the Mini Nut Wizard®, allowing it to pick up large objects more easily. This prevents the Large tool from being able to pick up and retain small objects. While the capacity of the Large is greater than the smaller sizes, the unloader makes emptying any size basket easy, so even smaller-sized Nut Wizards can pick up a large yard.

Does it work in grass, in gravel, on pavement, on mulch, or on buried nuts?

Nut Wizard® tools work in several inches of grass. They work on pavement, especially while moving slowly – if going too fast, the nut can roll away before it’s picked up. They will not pick up items from among gravel without picking up the gravel if they are similar in size and shape. Nut Wizards will work on mulch, as long as the nut isn’t buried too far. Nut Wizards are not designed to pick up nuts buried in the ground (such as acorns run over by lawn mower tires), but they will usually collect nuts that are less than half buried with a very small amount of pressure or by rolling the tool back and forth over the nuts.

Will Nut Wizards pick up rocks, stones, or gravel?

Nut Wizard® tools will gather items that are round or oval in shape and fit within the recommended item size for each size of tool . If the rocks, stones, or gravel are the right shape and size, Nut Wizards should pick them up. To prevent wire breaks and bends, empty the tool often and before it is half full.  Excessive pressure or over-filling could stretch your basket and cause it to twist.

Will Nut Wizards pick up children's toys, pinecones, or persimmons?

The rule of thumb is that Nut Wizard® tools gather items that are round or oval, and strong enough not to flatten under the basket’s wires. Thus, if the toys or pinecones are round, it is possible that the Nut Wizard® would work. If your pinecones flare out, they may catch and tangle in the wires of the large and smaller sized Nut Wizards. Fruit with delicate skins, unless they are hard and unripe, are too soft to be collected by Nut Wizards.

How wide of an area does it pick up at a time?

Any size Nut Wizard® tool will gather nuts at the point it touches the ground. Because the basket is round, it will only pick up 2-3 inches across at a time. However, because it is maneuverable, it picks up this amount very quickly. If you are interested in a tool that gathers up to three feet at a time, check out a Bag A Nut tool at www,

How many nuts does it hold?

We haven’t counted how many nuts each Nut Wizard® size can hold, but we do know how much volume each basket has. The Large holds 1⅔ gallons, the Medium 1 gallon, the Small 3 quarts, the Extra Small 1½ quarts, and the Mini 1 quart. In general, one gallon of nuts weighs about five pounds.

Where is the tool made?

Nut Wizard® tools are made by the inventor and his family in the United States of America.

How long does it last? Does it have a warranty?

We expect Nut Wizard® tools to last a long  time under normal use when treated with respect. Each tool comes with a one year warranty. Normal use does not include multiple truck loads of black walnuts.

What is included with a Nut Wizard® order?

If you buy directly from Seeds and Such, Inc. or this website, a standard Nut Wizard® order will include a basket, bail, approx. 4’ wooden handle, and unloader.

How much assembly is required?

We ship Nut Wizard® tools in four parts: basket, bail , handle, and unloader. The bail holds the basket so it can roll. To assemble a Nut Wizard® tool, place the basket into one end of the bail, and then the other. Screw the bail into the handle until they are flush. Finally, place the unloader onto the side of a bucket or trash can. No external tools are required.

Where can I buy a Nut Wizard®?

You can purchase a Nut Wizard® tool from us on our websites or, over the phone at 888-321-9445 (toll-free), or through the mail at Seeds and Such, Inc., PO Box 81, Bedford, IN 47421-0081. You can also purchase from the stores or businesses listed on our Locations page. Contact each distributor for their prices, availability, and hours.

Where are you located?

The Seeds and Such, Inc. main office is located in Bedford, Indiana. We share a building with Chent, Inc., our first business. Shipments are sent from Bedford, IN.

Can I come see you?

Our customers are welcome to see us at our main office in Bedford, Indiana. In general, our hours are announced on the answering machine, as they usually change with the season. You can also see us at shows from time to time. Call if you are interested in what show we may attend next.

What other products do you have?

You can see our full Seeds and Such, Inc. product line on All Seeds and Such products are made, invented, or manufactured in the United States of America.

Do I have to pay with a PayPal account?

 No. If you would like to order online without opening a PayPal account, click the “Check Out” button when you are ready to check out, and then use the link that says “Don’t have a PayPal Account?” to check out as a guest. If you would like to avoid PayPal completely, please pay by check, cash, or money order through the mail or in person.

What shipping carrier do you use? Do you offer expedited shipping?

For information about our shipping, please see our shipping policy page. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, providing that the country’s laws allow us to do so. The shopping cart will calculate shipping for you. Each successive pound is less. Ordering additional tools with a friend or family member will help. International orders may be placed online, through email, or over the phone. See more details on our shipping policies page. Contact us at or 1-812-275-1016 with any questions.

Do I have an order number?

Yes if online, no if you order by phone. If you have any questions about your order, we will use the order name, date, and address to answer any inquiries. We may also use the Shopify transaction number if you order online.

What do I do if I receive a damaged or missing part?

Call Seeds and Such at 1-888-321-9445 so we can replace any damaged or missing parts. If you received a damaged Nut Wizard® tool due to carrier mishandling, we may request an inspection. Keep all parts and the original box as they were packed when you received the tool. Do not ship damaged parts back to us without speaking to us first.

What maintenance do Nut Wizards require? Is it repairable?

Nut Wizard® tools may require maintenance from time to time. After substantial use, the wires may not be evenly spaced, allowing items to fall out of the basket. To fix this, use your fingers to move the wires beside the washer on each side of the basket. Watch a tutorial on re-spacing wires here. If a wire is broken, remove it from the basket completely and re-space the wires. The wire itself is irreplaceable, but your tool should still work properly after the other wires are readjusted. If the basket does not roll well after a time, or if it squeaks, remove it from the bail and apply wheel bearing grease inside the bolts on each side of the basket. For more information about repairs and maintenance, visit our repairs page.

Can I order Nut Wizard® parts separately?

Yes. We sell all four standard parts, as well as two sizes of extension handles, separately. You may order parts on our parts page or over the phone at 888-321-9445.

How do I exchange my Nut Wizard® for a different size?

If you purchased your Nut Wizard® tool from a store, contact them for their exchange policies. If you purchased directly from Seeds and Such, Inc., we accept exchanges within 30 days of purchase as long as the tool has been treated with respect. Separate the tool into four parts, taking care to remove the bail from the basket. Wrap the bail and unloader in newspaper. Pack the tool in its original box and include a copy of your receipt with a note that you would like to make an exchange for a certain size. Send the package to 1105 R Street, Bedford, IN, 47421 for UPS packages or PO Box 81, Bedford, IN 47421, for United States Postal Service packages. For exchanges, the buyer pays for shipping to return the tool to us, and we pay for shipping to send the new size back to the buyer.

How do I return a Nut Wizard® tool?

If you purchased your Nut Wizard® tool from a store, contact them for their return policies. If you purchased directly from Seeds and Such, Inc., we accept returns for 30 days after purchase as long as the tool has been treated with respect. Separate the tool into four parts, taking care to remove the bail from the basket. Wrap the bail and unloader in newspaper. Pack the tool in its original box and include a copy of your receipt with a note that you would like to make a return. Send the package to 1105 R Street, Bedford, IN, 47421 for UPS packages or PO Box 81, Bedford, IN 47421 for United States Postal Service packages. You should receive a refund of the price of the tool, not including original shipping, within 4 weeks after we receive the undamaged product.

How do I become a dealer?

Please contact the manufacturer: 1-912-389-1927

Do you offer any discounts?

For orders within the United States, we occassionally have a sale or discount code, check your email.We do not offer any discounts for international orders because of the extra time and paperwork required.   We may give discounts for Nut Wizards used at public events and for other special circumstances. Contact us if you are in one of these categories. To receive the discount, you must enter the code at checkout.