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Nut Wizard® Tool Quick-Start Guide

In just a few steps, you will be saving your back and picking up the round or oval objects of your choice.We expect that you will enjoy your new tool as much as we enjoy ours.
God bless you!

Click Here to Print or Download the Quick-Start Guide.

Check the Nut Wizard® tool.

Nut Wizard Parts Diagram

Unless you placed a special order, four parts should be included in your Nut Wizard® package: a handle, a basket, a bail, and an unloader (see picture). The wires around the basket should be evenly spaced (not perfectly, but close to the same). If they are not, use your fingers (and sometimes some muscle) to move the wires beside the washer on each side of the basket. If the basket or any other part is damaged beyond repair, or if any parts are missing, contact us right away.

Put the tool together.

The bail (shaped like a coat hanger) holds the basket so it can roll. Place the basket into one end of the bail, and then the other. Screw the bail into the handle until they are flush. If needed, add a washer to keep a tight fit.

Set up the unloader.

Bucket with Nut Wizard Unloader

The unloader fits onto the side of a bucket or a trash can. The bucket edge should be pinched between the small loop of wire on each side of the largest wire curve. The largest wire curve should be sticking up on the inside of the bucket. After you’ve used your Nut Wizard® tool, you will unload it by pushing it onto the unloader in the opposite direction of the wires. This will spread the wires apart on the Nut Wizard® basket and allow the nuts, balls, or spent brass to fall out into the bucket. 

Gather like magic.

To use the tool, aim the arch of the basket that touches the ground toward the nuts, balls, or spent casings you would like to gather. DO NOT PUSH DOWN. Putting pressure on the basket will cause the wires to spread apart and may damage the basket permanently. Roll the basket a complete rotation to pick up the nuts, balls, or casings, so that any object held between the wires will be put inside the basket. Twist the basket to one side or the other as needed, and remove sticks immediately to prevent damage to the basket. Experiment with how fast you roll the Nut Wizard® tool. Going too slow could cause objects to stick between the wires; going too fast could throw them out. Nut Wizard® tools work best when there is at least a little space between each object you’re picking up. Do not rake items into a pile before using your Nut Wizard® tool. Do not overfill the Nut Wizard® basket; empty it before it gets completely full. If you are picking up sweet gum balls, you will need extra space to shake them out because they will cling together. Your Nut Wizard® tool should gather round and oval objects easily. If it is not gathering properly, you may have the wrong size tool. Contact Seeds and Such, Inc. or your supplier. DO NOT GATHER LIVE AMMUNTION WITH NUT WIZARD® TOOLS.

Maintain your tool.

Side of Nut Wizard Basket, Bail, and Bolt

 Nut Wizard® tools may require  maintenance from time to time. After some use, its wires may not be evenly spaced, allowing items to fall out of the basket. To fix this, use your fingers to move the wires beside the washer on each side of the basket. If a wire is broken, remove it from the basket completely and respace the wires. The wire itself is irreplaceable, but your tool should still work properly after the other wires are readjusted. If the basket does not roll well after a time, or if it squeaks, remove it from the bail and apply thick grease inside the bolts on each side of the basket. Each Nut Wizard® tool comes with a one year warranty, although we expect it to last much longer when treated with respect.

Exchanges and Returns.

If you purchased your Nut Wizard® tool from a store, please contact the store for their exchange or return policies. If you purchased directly from your satisfaction is guaranteed within 30 days of purchase. If you are not satisfied, you may return your Nut Wizard® tool as long as you have treated it with respect. Please take it apart, clean it, wrap the bail and unloader in paper, and separate the bail from the basket before repacking it in the original box. You may pay to ship the Nut Wizard® back at any shipping company. Send UPS packages to 1105 R Street; send Post Office packages to PO Box 81 (see complete address on right). Please enclose your name and address in the box with a note on whether you would like to exchange or return your tool. If you make a return, the amount you paid Seeds and Such, Inc. for your Nut Wizard® tool will be refunded less the amount of the original shipping.

For more information about our shipping and returns, go to our Shipping & Return Policies page here