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Factory Outlet - Extra Small Nut Wizard

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Includes: Unloader

Handle: 4' Wood
Condition: Unused Return

These Nut Wizards have factory blemishes or are unused returned products. They are able to function properly and still need work to do. Adopt one today, we'll give you a deal!

For objects sized: ⅜” to 2” in diameter 1 to 5cm

Recommended for very small acorns (pin, chinquapin, post, live, scarlet, and shingle oak), beechnuts, and brass casings (9mm and up, including .38 SPL, .357 MAGNUM, .45 cal, 30-06, and Shotgun Shells)

Basket Size: 1½ quarts 5” in diameter 6” wide

Made in the United States

Includes the complete tool with handle of choice and one unloader. 

Watch a video of how to use and operate this Nut Wizard® tool here

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Nut Wizard Size Guide

Not Sure What Size to Get?

Feel free to give us a call at 888-321-9445 and we'll help you figure what type of trees you have and which size Nut Wizard is right for you.

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